Almier is one of the best black UK comics. Being Ronu Creative’s first project, it is an original manga/comic series about a black boy of African descent living in the urban areas south London.

Here’s a quick synopsis about the story:

Hakim hates injustice and has always wished he can make the world a fairer place. When he suddenly develops powers that allows him to face down youth gangs in London, he believes his wish has finally been granted. However, saving the world is a lot more complicated than he imagined.

Almier is an ongoing project with many hidden stories. As well as the main storyline, there are other alternative stories that are told in the hidden chapters. For free access to the hidden chapters, be sure to support us on Patreon. You can also read the comic on other webcomic sites such as Comixology, Tapas and Webtoons

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