A fantasy comic/manga series that features a Muslim main character and dives into the beliefs in Arab mythology and Islam.

After the murder of his family, Hani sets out to get revenge on the Jinni that organized their deaths. With the help of a good female Jinni and some friends he becomes a Jinn detective, using his skills to clamp down on criminal Jinn activity all over the world, whilst still seeking his revenge.

Jinn detectives is a fictional story of the fantasy genre that draws heavily on Arabic mythology of genies as well as Islamic beliefs on the topic. It is a completed series so far. There is a possibility that we might continue the story but that depends on the fans and if they truly want more. For free access to behind the scenes, be sure to support us on Patreon. You can also read the comic on other webcomic sites such as Tapas and Webtoons

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